University Tested & Grower Approved. Proven to Increase Yields While Reducing Fertilizer Inputs.

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Simple to use, Clean & Certified Organic

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A Unique Consortium

You will not find our specific consortium of microbes in ANY other organic product. We chose these bacteria & fungi for a reason.

Meet Our Microbes

A Cannabis Formulation From an Award Winning Team

Unrivaled, Proven, Award Winning Technology

URB Natural was created for Cannabis by the Award winning, critically acclaimed scientific team at SumaGrow® — University studies, independent testing facilities, government agencies, double-blind field trials, YOU NAME IT!! ...The SumaGrow® results have been replicated hundreds of times across hundreds of different plant species. We proudly display the SumaGrow® Inside logo on our label because of the unrivaled, worldwide impact their creations have had on the agricultural market.

Pitch Tank Winner

The microbial technology of SumaGrow® won the Pitch Tank award at the 2016 FreedomFest for its ability to increase crop quality and yield while decreasing fertilizer and water usage in agricultural production.

Google's Moonshot

SumaGrow® was chosen, in part, for its ability to reduce the use of chemical fertilizer, increase the quality and quantity of foods, recover unusable land and protect water resources.

Popular Science Green Tech of the Year

SumaGrow® microbes replace naturally occurring ones that are lost in over farmed soil, increasing productivity by locking nitrogen in the soil and breaking down organic waste into useful nutrients. The treatment increases yield by some 20 percent over standard fertilizer. And because microbes create micro-channels in the soil structure, water runoff decreases by about half, reducing watering needs.”

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Precision Engineered, Targeted, Microbial Formulation

Each of our microbial strains are grown separately, given food and vitamins, and grown at a specific temperature, untouched by human hands and with as little exposure to the air as possible. Every batch has a QC check and is the same. 

A careful and
deliberate design containaining multiple, naturally occurring phylogenetic groups of
organisms with complementary functionalities. Offering results you will NOTICE throughout the life of the plant being treated.

Humalite Derived Liquid Humates

Our microbial formulation is suspended in a triple screened, 12% humic acid carrier, stabilized at a balanced pH of 7.0, which allows it to effectively work in all mediums & irrigation systems. These humates act as a carbon food source for our chosen microbial set, are high in organic matter and
contain micronutrients, such as calcium, magnesium, zinc and manganese. Our Humates come to the factory as OMRI Listed and are derived from Humalite not Leonardite. Humalite is a name given to the humate material deposited in Alberta, Canada. It is singled out because the material has a different composition and is not derived from Lignite. It is derived from weathered sub-bituminous coal, and opposite of leonardite, it was formed in a fresh water environment, not a salt water one.

Quality Matters

When humalite is harvested, the resulting final product averages 87% humic acid. Each batch is individually tested to ensure that it maintains the quality and guaranteed 80% humic acid content that it is known for. This means more humic and fulvic acid content, and considerably less of the undesired ash and heavy metals that are found in Leonardite. An example of heavy metal content from a leonardite derived Humic/Microbial product can be seen below.

Humates Matter

The main benefits of Humic Acids are that they stimulate microbiology, enhance the uptake of nutrients, and condition the soils paramaters such as Carbon, pH, CEC. All of this works to create a fertile soil environment where the seed can germinate easier and produce a high yielding, nutrient dense crop.


 A competing microbial product has at LEAST 30mg OF HEAVY METAL CONTENT .. This is because of the Leonardite or Lignite derived source of humate they are using for their humic acid content . Per the manufacture recommended 5g or 1tsp application rates... 18.48mg of Copper (unchelated) 7.5 mg of Nickel (causes blindness) and 4.3 mg of Lead (known toxin and possible carcinogen) JUST TO NAME THREE... These metals are not metabolized by the plant in the forms that they are presented in this product. This means the Cannabis plant ( great at phytoremediation ) will rapidly absorb, but not use, these metals. Eventually, the metals make it to your flower and studies done on tobacco show that after incinerating and makes it into your lungs and into your body. CLICK THESE LINKS TO GO TO THE CDFA OR ODA PRODUCT REGISTRATION WEBSITE TO LOOK UP CONTENTS OF PRODUCTS YOU MAY CURRENTLY BE USING. DO YOUR RESEARCH, GROW CLEAN CANNABIS.

URB is to be used in compliance with all state and federal laws.

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